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Looking for a gray DFrobot RP5 tracked chassis, new/used OK: Found one, thank you LMR!

I would like a new one but I can't find any, except in Indonesia. If anyone is in Indonesia and wants to be my RP5 buyer/shipper I'll make it worth your time :) If you have an old gray RP5 and don't want it I'll buy it off you, it doesn't even need to run (just look good). Do you still like the chassis but don't care about the color? I'll buy you a new yellow one in exchange for your old gray one! I will consider all ideas/offers. I'm kind of out of options, hoping the public will have something for me.

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it's all for the gray wheels LOL The yellow ones don't hold paint well enough. Eventually wear and tear exposes their true colors. I'm back on the LMRbot project (trying to hurry it along for the DFrobot challenge) and I need authenticity dammit :)

This? http://www.diybin.com/products/DFRobot-RP5-Tracked-Mobile-Tank-Base.html

Edit: ahh I see no "add to cart" button.

Erh - I heard a lot of people complain over DIYBin, and I wrote them and asked what the hell was going on.. and I never got any reply!