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Leo's LiteCar

It's really not easy for me to start,but I am here!
I'm so happy to find this great place,with so many funny friend and robot!
This is my first project from last years which called “LiteCar” , I wish to program my LC running without Delay(); Feeling with a Light Sensor and Fighting with a "Laser Gun".

Project plan:
1,moving action(WASD) by Computer Operator
2,recording its absolute position
3,feedback and maybe some PID? or Balance Filter?
4,Automode:moving by some prepared positions
5,add some other sensor or what else...

Arduino Duemilanove (328)
Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino kit(293D)
HC-05 Master-Slaver Bluetooth Serial Module(Made in China)
Any Mouse(USB/PS2)
2*DC Motor
some switch and Other components


This is my first project from last years,just a test version.


And now it's better


This is a test for Mouse Sensor,arduino reads switch state and X,Y,Z data from Mouse

the lib comes from here:

the wire connection is below

Arduino | Mouse
Pin       | Pin

and the data format

and this is the component of mouse,I replaced the switchs with pins 

this is test for Bluetooth


This is I/O Define



Software by Arduino


Any new Update,I will show later.


I wish to Control my car like this,but I lose my way!

I don't how to calculate this Mouse Data,maybe I need one more Angle Sensor?


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Maybe you could explain a little better what you have here. You've left us to piece a lot together by ourselves. Also, in general, blog about whatever you want, but ask for help with specific questions in the forums.

A schematic diagram would be really helpful. I'm assuming you want the mouse to give you data on how far the robot has moved in the X and Y planes. I've never interfaced to a mouse before, so this is pretty interesting. Can you share more info on what you have figured out so far and some specifics on where you are stuck?

Thank you for your suggestion,It's really not good to ask something in Blog,Sorry about my remiss description, and I already Updated my blog and share more info about Mouse controlling.

You can find some information about mouse sensors and how to use them for robotics navigation, here (sorry original is in German). This is the Google translation:



Thank you for your translated link,It' really very very helpfull for my little Car! And now I'm try to understanding this robot,Tks

I've had something like this set to the side for awhile, glad to see someone has it up and running on a bot. I found this awhile back...


that pertains to a BTC mouse hack. I don't know how much will be relavent to your model but I thought I'd throw that out there for ya. FWIW I went with this mouse as all the components are available individually so all that hacking can be skipped.

Thank you for your reply! I have been see something like this before, A image is really hard to analyse for both Arduino and Me.I just use an arduino lib which most USB/PS2 Mouse support,I already Updated my blog and have more description about my mouse data.

If you want to know the rotation (CW/CCW) of the robot as well as the motion (forward/back/left/right), you need at least 2 mouse optical sensors. If you put one on each side of the robot you can calculate how far the robot has rotated.

A few years ago I saw a project that used three mouse sensors all working together to determine the motion of a wheeled platform... here's a document on something similar.

"Save as..."

Thank you for your document.I found its really hard to know the position only with a Mouse,I prepared to use an angle sensor before,and you give me another way,Thank you all!