Let's Make Robots!

Cluster Bot

Obstacle avoiding

This is my first robot.  Arduino Uno based, although I will end up trying out a TI Launchpad brain as well.

Total - $38 - not including Uno and proto-shield.

Tamiya twin-motor gearbox, truck wheels/tires,round robot platform, ball caster - $25

Pololu TB6612 FNG motor driver and carrier - $9

Battery holders - $4


Cheap Pololu round robot chassis, Tamiya twin-motor gearboxes, Tamiya truck tires.  9V battery pack for the Arduino.  2 AA battery pack for the motors, although I need a little more juice.  I may add another 2 AA battery pack and supply each motor separately, or use a 3 battery pack and see how the motors like 4.5V.

Ongoing project.  Just about to shoot my first video of the robot in basic maneuvering.  No sensors installed at this time.

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You could always add a second pair of batteries in parallel rather than adding a 3rd battery in series.

Hehe - Redbull gets the job done! Very nice robot by the way and very affordable.

Nice little robot!

Mother of Gawd, that's the EXACT SAME fold-up table I use as my workbench!!!! I know that wood grain and the rounded edges... man. I just though that such a fine sense of style for furniture should be noted :)


I've moved on to a crappy old computer desk now.  I hope to have a proper workbench sometime next year, in a proper workshop.  I make do with what I can for now.