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Battery Question

I have a laptop battery that is still very good these are its ratings:

Product information:
Product ID:NGW003

Battery type: Li-ion 
Battery Volt: 10.8V 
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

would this be good to use on an audrino one? why buy a battery if i dont have to :D

here's some pics of it taken apart:

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You can take apart the battery and get the individual cells out, which there are 6 Li-ion 3.7V Cells at 2200mAh each. You can use a external Li-ion Charger and a special 18650 Cell holder for projects.

thanks for the quick responce i added some images and i was wondering could i disconnect the red and black wire that lead on to the board and connect those wires to my audrino......im a rookie :)

but, you should be able to do what you think you can do. Just realize that lipos are finicky lil things and have bad habits of blowing up or burning spectacularly if they are fed/charged improperly.

Always treat Li-ion cells with respect. Just google 'lipo fire' to see why. There's a reason why r/c guys recommend using fire-proof lipo bags when charging unprotected cells. I'd use 18650 cell holders like these that have a pcb attached to prevent accidental over-charging and over-discharging.