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Homemade Filter Fan Distraction


I was crusing YouTube and saw a few videos on these homemade filter fans from Altoid tins.  I don't have a fan system since I usually just do my building on the kitchen bar area, so I thought this would be a good idea to build.  After watching these videos and finding out that it was some article in Make magazine, I breadboarded the circuit and wrote down the diagram for the project.

The Filter Box

After a search through my parts and found that I had all the necessary items except for a box to contain everything.  I then noticed one of the boys card boxes and quickly decided to use it for this project.  I might have to do a quick paint job in the future.  Here's the front side.

With the back side, I used the fan cover that was with the 12v fan from an old power supply.  It looks pretty snazzy.

Finally a look at the internals.  I know, not very pretty, but it functions well and I'm a little proud that I could actually get the thing soldered and working properly.


The only thing I think I want to do is find a fine metal mesh to put over the fan on the inside so the filter does not hit the spinning fan, slowing it down.

I need to put the fan close to the soldering area but it works fairly well.  With the charcoal filter, it sucks in about 90% of the fumes from about 3 inches away.


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"quick and dirty" build :)

Maybe that should be quick and clean build. :)

We all have our standards for clean vs dirty.