Let's Make Robots!

School Bus,

This is my beetle-bot project.

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Makes me want to go to school back :D I just finished my information technology management degree and I don't ever want to see another university for at least 200 years. Nice tutorial though !

I am a total and complete beginner at all robotics, so I was wondering what a beetle bot is and what it does?

I saw a robot kind of like this: its called a herbie.  The parts for it are dirt cheap (about five dollars tops), plus they are all available @ radioshack.

How did you connect your motors to the wheels? Directly? I have similiar motors and would really like to know if I could just gun it and put wheels directly on them for my brainless linefollower.

While Chuck is a grumpy old man  ; - ) he does have a point. You could at least fill out the tags and info boxes for the post. The pictures do a good job of seeing how you re-engineered this toy but a caption or two would help. You seem to be handy on the hardware side, now you just need to exercise some brain muscles and get to grips with this programming. I noticed completely analog design to this one. Heheh. Don't give up on your other project.

I'm still working on it but i have to order some parts, and these's things i had laying somewhere.

Reminds me of the good old days when I joined LMR and got abused if I did not post a video. Not to mention Frits would complain about my photography.

he he he :) and that was the edited version

i love how you explains everything in such detail ,lots of info hear  NOT!

come on man this is not Facebook , you will get an ass hole like me telling you to TRY HARDER ,

  • dot points are good enough if your lazy
  • some effort is appreciated

note : i tell 8 yo kids that Santa don't exists , for fun :)