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Arduino assisted RC Truck with Anti Locking Brakes

I modified my old Stampede truck with my Arduino! I added Anti Locking Brakes (Reversed motor)

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Dude, how can you show me this picture:

- and not tell me that you have added gyro/accelerometer to make sure the car has a nice flow in the air, by using the motors spin/stop/reverse to keep it at a nice smooth angle while flying?

.. Ok, fair enough, you have made sure it does not spin when stopping. And it's up to you what you do.. but.. ... !!!

What's nice slowing down without skidding, compared to cumputer controlled somersaults in mid air?

Thats a great idea! landing on all four wheels is very beneficial to the car. I started this project only a few days ago, but I might actually try that, thanks! Although, landing with wheels spinning can strip gears :( I only use the brakes to tilt forward. 

stop the forward momentum of the tires and therefore cause the vehicle to tilt backwards?

The heavy wheels make the truck want to spin forward when the inertia of the wheels is facing resistance. The crash video Uses brakes to make the nose dive downward.

of a car that uses a tail like a lizard , as it jumps it lifts it's tail keeping the car horizontal in the air , im looking for it now

Thanks Crunch, thats really interesting!

I am working now on the same project, but not ABS. I will make ESP - electronic stability program. We have here snow and a lot of ice.. so it is very hard to drive without ESP,  with Rear-wheel-drive and nitro engine:)

That was my original plan, but im not sure how to calculate wheel slippage...

I decided to use compass for sense and steering for feedback. So I will not brake with one or two wheels, only steering. Only one speed encoder on drive shaft for aproximaly speed. With this data I will try to keep the car on the straight line.