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How do you connect a SRF005 to an Arduino MEGA 1280

I need help on connecting a srf005 (the blue one) to an Arduino MEGA 1280

You can use this image as a guide.

I want the connection for the srf005 using only three pins. :) (The one where you connect the mode pin to ground)



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and CTC also has some advice on the topick

The SRF05 is not blue. I have never seen it in anything but green. Are you sure you have a SRF05? Sure its not a Ping))) or (I'm going to go out on a limb here...) a HC-SR04? 

nice pick up :)

i have the second version, the one without the programming holes, i got it for my microbot, see my components page :)

How 'bout that. A SRF05 in blue. Well, you learn something new every day.

In that case, I would say to go with one of the 90 examples Chuck posted.

Thank You :)