Let's Make Robots!

I M leaving

I am leaving lmr till i m 13 or 14. my dad says i cant soldier or buy parts until then so bye


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I'm so happy I was wrong about Shayaan logging back on.  Thanks again Terry.

OK, some stuff will be headed to Pakistan on Monday....

Anybody else has a good candidate for one of these kits email me..

Regards, Terry


thnx everyone n thnx terry

i will email u

Shayaan, cmon, don't give up. Electronics is a great field if you have the time and patience. What Terry did there was gob-smacking! Thats like a once in 10 generations oppurtunity! Don't give up! Please? ;(

well, you can make robots without soldering, or even buying parts, look at all my robots, i haven't bought a single part, it all came from junk, i started creating some of my early robots for 4 years before i can solder. so keep making 'em robots!

cheers my good friend, we'll be waiting for you soon!

It's a shame that this kid probably doesn't come around any more and won't see your post.  I didn't realize which thread you were replying to, but when I read your post, I thought of this kid right awayt.

It's a shame that more parents don't support their children in positive creative hobbies like robotics.  Thank God one of my daughters wants to be Limor Fried.

On behalf of the community--Thanks Terry.  I hope he gets back to you.

Hey RoboBoys,

I have a YourDuino "Low Cost" Starter Set. No soldering required. I wish I could give it to someone from the past, but I can't so I need to give it to you. I really need to. No strings, no obligation. Take a look at it here: http://terryking.us/p/lcss.jpg

Send me a note (or do it publicly here if you want).. but I somehow need your shipping address.

For real, I am Terry King . Email me:  terry@yourduino.com      To see that is real and show it to your Father or whatever, go see http://yourduino.com   which is the Shop here at Lets Make Robots.

If they want, I can send it to your Father. 

Don't wait to start doing electronics and robots if you're really interested in it.  Don't wait to be "Old Enough" to figure things out.

I still have a radio I soldered together when I was 12. I keep it as a monument to Bad Soldering. But later I got good at it and built the radio stations that broadcast to all those radios.

If somebody wants me to call them on the phone, let me know..



When I was 12, I was learning to program, learning to solder and even design my own circuits. Now I design robot kits and accessories. I think your father should give you more support.

Good job Terry!

Terry, report to Frits immediately to receive your medal of honor for trying to save this kid from the fate he is heading for. True bravery!