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When is zero not zero?

Update -> I think the answer is that there is an interrupt resetting these values in between setting them to zero and printing them.

I am trying to calibrate my motors and am having trouble.  In particular, how is this output:

Resetting Quadrature: 0: 92072 1: 92083

possible for this function:

void processQuadrature(){
  long now = millis();
  Serial.print("Quadrature 0  = ");
  Serial.print(float(quadrature0Pulses*1000)/(now-quadrature0Start) );
  Serial.print(" pulses per second  over ");
  Serial.println(" milliseconds");
  Serial.print("Quadrature 1  = ");
  Serial.print(float(quadrature1Pulses*1000)/(now-quadrature1Start) );
  Serial.print(" pulses per second over ");
  Serial.println(" milliseconds");
  quadrature0Start = 0l;
  quadrature1Start = 0l;

  quadrature0Pulses = 0l;
  quadrature1Pulses = 0l;
  Serial.print("Resetting Quadrature: 0: ");
  Serial.print(" 1: ");

That is, haven't I just set these two variables to zero before I print them out?

Can this have something to do with interrupts?


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