Let's Make Robots!

Two Shoes

Avoids obstacles

my first robot finally he comes yeah!! it's a random avoiding obstacles robot,but it's my first so it is special. Now i admire my opera, after i think at a 6 legged walker, a rover or a BEAM, has anyone some ideas??

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A line follower and 2 sumos that you program to "fight" each others are very plain, but very educative things to do :)

(And welcome to LMR!)

you should make a beam walker!

hey thanks to all, it would be interesting a legged walker with 6 legs and 2 arms like a real spider :D :D

That is fantastic for your first robot.

Nice job, you did it very well.

Thank you!

Fantastic job on your first bot. Very clean, and it works very well!

Thank you

As soon as I read "Two shoes" I remembered that music.