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funny walker


this is my funny walker made out of balsa, it tracks objects with two sonic sensors and has two settings, with one setting it will just sit and track with its head and the other it will walk towards and turn towards odjects and back up if it gets to close. unfortunately the robot does not move as quick as i would like without falling over and the lipoly voltage monitor is unreliable.























the robot is powered by 2 aaa batteries to power the picaxe 28x1 and sensors and a lipoly to power ther servos



it has a 10 amp  rc plane regulator (bec) to reduce to power to the servos hiden in its head.
















The robot uses a picaxe 28x1 on a home made pcd as a brain


and the sonic sensors are not surprisingly in the head and there are leds around them that light when it sees an object



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Talk about a Rob with personality!

That is very cool, sir.

This robot looks indeed very cool!

It reminds me of marvin from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy movie. (and those funny little repair robots from Star Wars)


Great job! 

Perhaps you can add another servo to the body at the waist. Then the entire upper body can be used to shift the weight and the head would remain level. It should be more stable and could then walk faster.

unfortunately because of its construction i think this robot has evolved as much as its going too, however i do now appreciate the need to have ankles now, with them this robot could make much larger steps instead of the baby steps it has to make now

Now that is one cool robot.

looking robot. Please continue to share. :)