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Googles definition of "Robot"

I know that Google is highly localized and personalized these days. But still, I was looking for any stock image of "a robot", so I searched the big G for images on the word "Robot", and look what I got:

(the second row, with yellow background to the right is LMR "Start Here robot")


TEST: What does your Google tell you is a robot?

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Same result here (Germany), when I click your link google.dk. But different result, when I use google.de, no LMR robot.

Google.nl also not showing THE start here robot. "Google drum robot" shows 3 of our robots:

Little experiment: I just have added "my drum robot." to The mouse over of The primary image.. Lets see if it will show up sometime in Google with "drum robot" search.

Here, in Australia, I typed in Robot under image and ...


After 30 pages of images I still had none of LMR's robots!

google.co.uk No LMRians, but lots of Asimo, NXT, I Robot, Robonova etc...

Interesting returns from Google for my "robot" search...