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Cheap Junk

Hello, I'm a college student from the US. We have a local resale store called "Goodwill". You can buy RC toys (and other stuff) by the pound. The cost is like $0.70 cents per pound (+/- a pennie or two) The store has 100's of bins and they dump donated stuff in them. Then you walk around and dig for your treasure. I have purchased a few RC trucks and a tank for less than $1 USD each. So keep this in mind where you live as there might be a place like this in your town for you to scrounge cheap robot fodder.


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Because toys are sold in the millions, they are the cheapest source of motors, gears and electronics. One member was kind enough to send me a "Rebound". One of the coolest robot chassis's you can lay your hands on!

Here's the tank I got for 70 cents!

It used to fire plastic missiles from the rear turret. But the remote was missing. I stripped it and tested the drive motors which both work good. I figure once I finish my present walking robot. I'll make this thing drive and shoot again.

Funny thing you mention the gift toy thing. I've offered to send a few to some of the members on here who haven't built robots. No one seemed interested. Granted I know the internet is full of creeps. But when one lives thousands of miles away in another country the creep concern doesn't really apply. Oh well, that's a sign of the times I guess  :-)

More cheap toys for me!  -lol