Let's Make Robots!


This is another similar type of "Start Here" robots. Wheels, MCU, IR sensor etc.

Just trying to build a smallest robot I'd ever build. Thanks for Chris's NANO Undershield. It's a great shield for small project and also the first time try to use encoder.

I use the small track from Pololu 22T track with their encoder and mini motors. They are great combination for small robot. The only thing need to be made is the chassis.

Using polycarbonate for base, it's much stronger than acrylic. You can see 2 encoders and undershield inside.

Made this body plate:

Make another case as head for IR sensor and servo.

Make the battery carrier using original battery case. (2 Li-ion batteries at back)

Chassis complete

More pics for show:

My biggest robot and smallest robots...

Now, I am working on programming part and figure out something weird on encoder. Because lack of extra digital pin so I use analog  pin instead. Left track was reading fine but right track is reading slowly in between 1 and 0 or 1 and 2 and so on...

Well, other that that, the screw for track is also another headache because either getting tight when go forward or getting loose when backward. Arrrrrr........... too many detail need to be fixed. I will update it once I get it done.


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Big track had babies

Cool little guy. I like the armor look on it...looks like you could step on it without damaging it :-)

If that srew is moving then perhaps your axle is not moving free and need a drop of oil...

some searching says 'maybe' pinmode(Ax,INPUT); DigitalRead(Ax) //where x is the analog pin number
should give you a digital input on the analog input pin.

As to the screw coming loose, you could use either lock-tite or fingernail polish. I would lean toward the fingernail polish, unless you have to buy either one. You aren't after a death grip just something to keep it from loosening.

I love every bit of this robot. The metal work is fantastic, the head is awesome, the brass stand-off's are great. I love the battery backpack as well. Awesome.

--Have you gotten those encoders to work yet? --I am curious to see if they work with those tracks.