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My Free Day Order!



Free Day is an event that Sparkfun Electronics has been putting on for the past 3 years. They basically give away $100 worth of store credit to thousands of people. Sparkfun Electronics is a company that I order a lot of robot parts from. The previous Free Days I came away with nothing. However, this year I was lucky enough to win, very very lucky. The system was based on the randomness of a geiger counter sensing radiation. 


In the video above I show off my loot. 

Here is what I ordered with my $100 credit:

  1. - Thermal Printer

  2. - Thermal Paper

  3. - Arduino Pro

  4. -Micro Nippers

  5. -Heaterizer

  6. -Solder Wick

  7. -Barrel Jack Adapter


    I might update this as I play with the stuff I got more. The Arduino I received was a 3.3v one when I ordered a 5v one (you can kinda make that out in the video), and I had to order a 2A 5v power supply from adafruit for the printer.


Update 2/4/12:

The printer is printing!