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S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. Potato cannon mounted on 6WD robot

Ok, to begin with it is just a normal SparkFun "new product post" but check out the last few minutes of the video. They mounted a potato cannon on a 6WD Wild Thumper chassis!

Who thought robots and potatoes could be so much fun?

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Wada bunch of clowns :) More brownie points for the red box peddlers.

There is nothing better to see a video of someone on the other side of the planet having a ton of fun with one of your creations. The best thing is that SparkFun are willing to help anyone turn their creation into a reality. A good example is the IOIO board.

LOL! Good jub guys! To OddBot for creating such a cool platform and to SparkFun guys to using it so... originally.