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Real life story


Besides writing about our robot addiction, microcontrollers, bits and bytes, infrared eyes and all the other cool stuff is this website also a community with some space for our other real life.


Ok, I assume we all have a real life (yeah, maybe some of you not but this is another story) and we do things to interact with our environment. This includes real people we used to know from the internet. Sometimes it's not that easy to meet the guy/gal on the other side of the screen in person because of a real life distance of 10,000km but who knows...


As you probably know there was the Chinese New Year celebration last week and as each year it's the time to visit the Chinese family. But before this trip I remembered that I am not the only LMRian in China and reached out for the one nearest to Guangzhou. Well, that was not hard since I already knew. Short email, quick reply and it was settled, we are gonna meet each other in real life. We just had to confirm the day and time since during the Chinese New Year many things can happen...but this also is another story. The day and the time was confirmed and so I and my family was on my way to Zhongshan, just 40 Minutes away from Guangzhou by train.


We arrived at lunch time and what to say, got surprised with a very delicious beef stew (please correct me if I got this wrong) cooked by our hosts lovely wife.

But, as I said in the beginning, we are all addicted so robots and so the talking was 95% about that. The short introduction with some insight to our private life are the other 5%...it's a guy's thing...you know...


if you still read this then you are probably asking who the hell I met? Ok, it's not a secret and here is he...it's our well known valuable community member, thinker and designer, teacher and creator OddBot :-) as you can see in the pictures below:


Still waiting for OddBot's wife to get the right angle for two of us tall guys.


Damn, I did not want to show this picture, me trying to make the Vulcan greetings gesture with my left hand to keep the photo in symmetry :-) … bad idea


Symmetry sucks, so “Live long and prosper” with the “right” right hand. (behind on the table you can see the leftover of the already mentioned beef stew)


Thank you OddBot to let me know your little laboratory, secret projects and also your family.

You are welcome in Shanghai if you are up to it some day!!!

Happy new Year of the Dragon!


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Cheers! I would lov to meet you guys in person one day! Maybe one day we can organize a LMR Faire and we will get to meet everyone!

@OddBot: Yeah, everybody had fun during this short afternoon and in foresight of one week within the Chinese family and Chinese food only I appreciated the western style food very much. I also did not wash my hands after  I touched the incredible Chopsticks II haha...

@Ro-Bot-X: Well, just book a flight to China and give us a call when you are in town ;-)

A start to meet each other more personal is the hangout but I still ws not able to join one since those different time zones you all are living in...but one day...

Heh, know what I like best about these pictures?

In his profile pic, bald and bearded, Oddbot looks so cool in a Riddick/Doc Savage/John McClane sort of way.  Almost intimidating.  "Gee, an electronics/robots genius AND tough and cool."

Good to see you as a fellow "regular geeky guy" Oddbot!

That's cool! I might return back to Asia later, or maybe heading back to China too? Good to see robot people gathering.

Great story! I once had a friend from a forum online help me build out my business in Ga. I think it's hard for men to make new friends as adults we are all so busy and websites like Lmr get like minded people together in one spot....and like magic it's easy to make new friends.

How cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah Fritsl, LMR make friends in the real world too...be prepared to meet me as well...maybe still this year :-D

Ha, and I met already both guys in big China.

Yes Markus, next time we try to have a meeting together.