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Mobile Autonomous Robot using the Kinect

get the target and avoid obstacles on the move

Given a priori knowledge of the environment and the goal position, mobile robot navigation refers to the robot’s ability to safely move towards the goal using its knowledge and sensorial information of the surrounding environment. In fact, in mobile robot operating in unstructured environment, the knowledge of the environment is usually absent or partial. Therefore, obstacle detection and avoidance are always mentioned for mobile robot missions.

Kinect is not only normal camera sensor but also a special device can provide depth map.Depth map is acquired through OpenNI library then processed by Point Cloud library to extract accurate information about the environment.

Here is link of full project: (code + references in English, others in Vietnamese but still good to understand from the source code)


and some samples using OpenNI & Point Cloud library



Some fun stuffs using kinect are available on my channel. Check out for more :d

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Great robot! I am planning to make a robot similar to this, thank you for the code!


I dont have enought money to ship an iRobot for better result. But it gives a good idea to build your own robot like this.

Hope to see your result soon, hehe :-D

Good work! I really like this project. Just wanted to ask you for the names/specificacions of the servos you use. I am just entering the world of robotics and I only know about software and some hardware but nothing about motors! Thank you.


I wanna make a robot , using the kinect, so i want have your code source if you can to have some idea!!! Thanks a lot! The limnk that you give doesn't work

that's cool, I want to make a robot like this, could I get your code!