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Arduino UNO Robot

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The components of my robot are 2 DC motors,a L293DNE H bridge,and the beloved Arduino UNO board.There are 2 infrared LED's in the front,and 2 fototransistors near them.On the board with the driver are also two voltage dividers for suplying the fototransistors.The infrared sensors are connected on A0 and A1,and the L293D is on A2,A3( left motor) and A4,A5(right motor).

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How did you mount the wheels? Also, I would put a protection shield around the uno board so it does not get smashed agaist a wall or something

Hi,thx for the advice.I mounted the wheels on the motors with termocontractable tube.The bad part on my project is  that it doesn't have a gearbox.The wheels are connected to the ax.I controll speed only by the software.I think i will move the arduino board on the other side to be protected.

Looks promising also if I have my doubts about the direct attached wheels.

why not hookup the Arduino to the other board, inside the chassies?

yes,that is a good idea,to.i will try to hook it .thx.hope it will fit.

i know you can use them as digital I/O's ,but why when you have PWM on the digital I/O's .hay whatever .:)

if your robot is to heavy your motors will stall and fry your 293 chip and maybe your battery

for that 293



look like they came out of a printer, they will probably be 12V rated (i think) to drive them i would use




there all the same just different price , there a good motor controller and can handle a wide range of in put power and can drive twice as hard as the 293 and they controlled in the same way as the 293 

Thank you chuck! i think i will buy a gearbox like that one.My driver is almost the same,the curent is about 600 mA.With a gearbox it will be even lower.