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DFRobot SSC-32 problem

Hello all,

I am trying to use an SSC-32 from DFRobot to control servos. I have connected it to an arduino mega which sends serial commands to the servo controller.

I have connected the TX on the arduino to RX on the SSC-32, and connected ground to ground. A central LED labelled 'L' flashes every time the SSC-32 receives a message. I assume this means that it is receiving data.

I am powering the SSC-32 from the arduino, which works fine. The servos are powered separately. I have connected a battery (6V 2800mAh) to VS1 (and removed the VL = VS1 jumper).

For some reason, the servos will still not move no matter what I try. I have tried connecting the SSC-32 to my pc in order to use Lynxterm, but that didn't work either. In that case, the RX LED would flash rapidly as I moved the servo slider around, but the servo never moved. Also, when I had the SSC-32 connected to the pc, the 'L' LED would stay lit constantly.

I have tried the test code from both of the following sources:



Both seem to make sense, and both result in the 'L' LED on the SSC-32 flashing whenever a message is sent by the arduino, but the servos never move.

Can anyone help?


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You will get a blink when receiving data no matter what the baud rate. Buad rate could still be the issue --just because you are getting data through, it does not mean everyone is talking and listening at the same speed.

maybe the code in the arduino says 9600, but he have to config the SSC-32 board baud rate too. there are two swtiches near the VS2 screws, for 9600 the switch 2 must be OFF an the 1 ON


I thought that I had set the baud rate properly, but the options were very confusing on the board. I actually had it set to the opposite to what it should have been.

Problem solved - it works a treat!

To add to this:

Sometimes (rarely) when I switch on power to the servos, they twitch. I assume this is just the servos getting power.

The servos are plugged in with the black wire (ground) to the outside, and the ground symbol is at the pin where the ground lead is plugged in from the servo. I assume they are plugged in okay.

I think this may turn out to be something simple, but being inexperienced I am having difficulty in knowing what to try next. I seem to be rapidly running out of options...

The baud rate is set at 9600, I believe. The light is flashing when the data is sent, so I am assuming that it receives fine. I think the arduino and the code isn't the problem. I think that it must be something at the SSC32 end, but I don't know.

If the servos were plugged in the right way.

Have you already check the baud rate?

I've used an Arduino mega with the Original SSC-32 in the University they work fine in the baud rate 9600, on home I heve the SSC-32 from te DFRobot and it works fine too.

Today I'm waiting the arrive of my new Dagu robotic arm and I hope the board included work in the same way =)