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another hand made hand

hand-made-hand_2.jpg161.67 KB

this is mine version of the hand made hand.i design it by cad software,made it by cnc,assembly it by my hand. it is so much fun,i like lmr. this is a simple version,only one servo.i will made a big version in the further.

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Hi Zang, it#s a great design and good build. Do you consider to change it to make each finger moving independently with one servo for each finger?

Greetings from Shanghai and  新年快乐

yes,i want to make a single finger stand alone version.but i have not find the perfect servo for the update design.

Thnx for sharing this! Now i know just what my current robotic arm lacked...zipties! Magnificient!

Wow, this is really amazing. I liked seeing the photos that you put here for us. I bet there are things that other people who are building robots can learn. Thanks for sharing this with us.