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Cooking Robot

Assists with cooking

It uses a Parallax Basic Stamp and four servo motors. It will use a SOMO 14-D to read the recipes aloud. The buttons are going to be used to control the reading of the recipes. I took apart a Boe-Bot to use the chip, the servos and the frame.


I have connected the SOMO and loaded the sound bytes to it. I used the AT-T text to speech online demo to record the voice because I wanted to give it a robotic british accent.



I finished putting together all of the various bits and pieces and I programmed in a recipe for pudding. The robot can stir, read the recipe to you and time how long it needs to sit. The SOMO was resetting because of dips in current when the motors ran until I connected the motors directly to VIN. The charging port is all plugged in. I took a rechargable 6v 4 amp lantern battery and spliced a plug and socket into the middle of the cable to be able to plug the robot into the wall.

I have been working on this project for at least a year on and off and I can't believe it's finally done.

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that's the first cooking  bot Ive seen hear ,nice concept looking forward to your progress :)

This actually really caught my interest, I think it's a great idea and that you should continue development! Possibly a cutting arm...

The US military won't even give a remote controlled vehicle the option to use it's own weapons without human input. :)

A weapon against vegetables :P

That's too cool! 

Saw this a while ago, maybe some inspiration!


LOL! sudo make me a sandwich! But that is really cool!

I like the idea of using two robots working together