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Elder Price

Line follower, maze solver
led_matrix_LMR8.pde1.03 KB
led_matrix_lr_animation.pde5.48 KB

So here is my first attempt at micros with an ATTiny85 controlling a Max7219 display driver. These tutorials came in handy: http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2010/07/09/review-maxim-max7219-led-display-driver-ic/

Update: due to its sunny disposition i have decided to name it: Elder Price.

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finally! a robot! this is cool! i really like the LED face :D

Smart robot! Good job Davey! :)

..so cool!

Cool, want to do something with the ATTiny85 too since I got a bunch of them and want to order more.

My problems are, that I not got the serial command working. Is there any trick to get this done?

If you don't mind please write more here, wordpress is blocked in China :-(

well i just followed the tutorial, here is another copy of it:


just install the software into arduino IDE, then upload the isp sketch to your board.
and you are ready to connect attiny and upload code to it.

to get it to work with the max7219 i just connected it like this:

Data in (1) -> pin0 (physical pin 5)
Load (12) -> pin1 (physical pin 6)
Clock (13) -> pin2 (physical pin 7)

only change i needed to make in the code was to
define these pins.
i imagine it doesnt matter which pins you use.

for the max7219 i used this library: http://arduino.cc/playground/uploads/Main/LedControl.zip
from this page: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/LedControl#Source

Thanks Dj. I already programmed ATTiny's successful with this tutorial. See here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30719

I will give it a shot tonight and report back if I got the serial command working.

keep in mind that there are 2 versions of that tutorial. one for Arduino 0.22, and one for the 1.0 release.

oh and if using an Uno, there needs to be a 10uf cap between ground and reset for some reason.

Could it be that your robot communicates with others (of the same tribe) using the display to transmit QR Codes ?

Nice crisp display.....must get one... looking forward to see its implementation.

not yet, atm i doesn't even move around yet.

the goal here is to make a simple line follower, with some added personality.
i intend to make a little face for i that animates when i turns a corner etc.

it also has a piezo that i will try to use to give it an R2D2 style bleepy voice.

sortof, i kinda cannibalised an example from the tutorial.


u have to define letters like this:

  byte a[5]={
    B01110000,B10001000,B11111000,B10001000,B10001000      };

and display them like this:


kind of allot of code so it limits what you can do on a little 85...