Let's Make Robots!







This is my first robot i have ever build.

it is not finished yet, but that is because i don't have found an good power source to deliver enough volt and amps(ideas are welcome)

when it is done, it should be able to bring me on the command of a button press on my iphone a beer.

i have givin it a on board pc and router, to make it easier to control it wireless and be able to give it in the future voice recognition.

for now it can seek light, avoid objects, and can be controlled from my iphone (if i remove the laptop because other whise it is just to heavy for the motors, because they don't get enough power).

so what still to do:

- find a good power source.

- add a robotic arm

- give it voice recognition

- give it a webcam

- add an lcd

- finish the coding


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What kind of motherboard is that? By the looks of it, it seems like something from an old laptop? If so, where is the Windows OS stored?

And if you have a fully functional PC onboard, is the Arduino there just as an IO interface? 

Have you had a look at this? http://www.phidgets.com/index.php


yes it is from an old laptop, the windows os is stored on an harddrive that is on top of the laptop mother board (the blue part).

in the front of the laptop normally is the battery for the laptop(the front is where the ultrasonic sensor is)

the arduino does everything, the laptop is only for the wireless control, which is connected to a small router. thats why there are antenna's on it.

the phidgets look quite good, but they are quite expensive, as i don't have a lot of money

may be in the future i will replay the laptop for some other parts but for now i just want to finish it.