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Help with Yourduino Serial LCD

YD Serial LCD


Hi folks,

Just received my Yourduino order and a little confused.  This is the Yourduino Serial LCD but does not match the info and photos on the Yourduino site.  I need help in getting this to work.  I have tried googling the flamingoEDA name and havn't found any matches in English sites.  It looks awfully like I2C to me whereas I want to use this as +5V, 0V and signal only.  After checking with a magnifying glass the socket to the right of the photo is labelled (top down)   -, +, R, T so I am assuming that I only need to wire the top three contacts?  Would love to know the required setting of the DIP switches (baud rate?) and use of the left hand connectors.


Any enlightenment woul be much appreciated.


TIA  PeteH

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Thanks Chuck,

I had already looked at that one.  It is a different board.  My concern is with the DIP switches - are these for I2C address or serial baud rate or both or none of the above?  Not knowing the defaults is the problem.



there is no info at all there

but im looking at my Parallax lcd and the switiches on it do

  1. Test
  2. 2,400
  3. 9,600
  4. 19,200

power it up and flip the first switch and there might be a test mesage printed to the lcd

sorry that's all i have for you at this point

You mentioned the connector. It is a standard serial LCD. I would lay good odds that you will have to make all four connections. Power, ground, transmit, and receive. I can offer no help for the dip switches.

Strange you say google did not help. When I googled there were heaps of links associated with flamingo eda. Anyhow this arduino forum post should help.

http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1268556997 There is some code to try there. Leave the dip switches as they were when you received it. And everything may be ok. I mean at default settings I would imagine.

was no help it's a different model

Ah yes my bad. You would think Terry would have some info for this. Have you emailed Yourduino Pete?

i don''t bring my feelings

they should document before selling something , clearly the shop is not ready yet and terry is spending too much time sunning him self on the beach in the Mediterranean   

I WISH!   That white stuff on the beach IS snow...  :-)

... 3 days ago...


I just went to Yourduino and found your LCD. Did you not notice the link to the wiki on this particular product? I just read through the comments and no one has mentioned it nor do I see it in your original post. I notice that the part shown on YourDuino is not exactly like the one shown in this post but I can't help but think the wiki might help.

It is right here:  http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/LCD-Serial