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Rocket Brand Studios New Products 2.7.12

The new products are in! The new products are in!

We got some great new stuff in this week. 
First off, I have added a new board to the line of Arduino Nano Undershields. The new board, the UnderShield with Pins is very similar to the original UnderShield, but with all the I/O's broken out to 3-pin male headers. Because this is the new guy around here, the "old" UnderShield shall now become the UnderShield Classic. Classic, I say! Both boards are great for small robots and projects and can be ordered a la carte or with an Arduino Nano included.
Next, we come to the HC-SR04 distance sensor. I found a supplier for these inexpensive sensors and have designed a nifty bracket to overcome it's terrible mounting configuration. A great sensor, a great bracket and an awesome deal with the sensor, servo and bracket at less than 20 bucks.
Finally, we put to great things together... Your choice of either Undershield and the HC-SR04/servo combo can now be purchased as the RC Car Conversion Kit. For all those folks starting out --or just doing a fun project, can get everything you need to convert a cheapie toy car to a fully autonomous robot. Just add a little wiring and your thrift-store car and you are all set. Quite a deal at less than 50 bucks.
Now, keep your eyes peeled, we have an epic new product coming soon. I guarantee that it will knock your socks off. 


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Great work CTC.

Thanks guys.  ...and I know, I know, silhouetted with the bright sun behind me. I gotta be honest, it usually takes a couple recordings before I get all the way through with no stutters and with a bit of a flow to it. This time, the personallity was on, the total length was right and I got in all the info that I wanted to get in. When I watched it back, I found the content was great, but yes, a bit dark. 

What does a man do in this situation? I sat and I pondered. I thought and thought and thought some more. I watched it back on 2 different monitors. I sighed. Then I said, "screw it, I got friggin' kits to put together. Post it." 

...and so it has become...



I noticed today that YouTube offers the option to enhance the fill lighting on your videos. 

Go to Edit -> Enhancements

The default 'Quick Fixes' tab has a 'Fill Light' slider. You can even see the original video next to a preview. 

Pretty cool.

Fixed and fixed.

Good catch, thanks for the heads-up. It is a bit more grainy but man, it sure is a lot better.


You are getting some good stuff going there Chris.

very nice products dude :)

nice work .... like the bracket for the sensor .... beats the way i have mine mounted ..... he he he  mine is only temporary though ... not too sure how im going to do it when I need to do it properly ....sensor on servo

Good products but they were hard to see because you had bright light behind you. If you can mount a light behind the camera and stack a heap of red boxes in front of the window it will be much better :p

Nice announcement, Chris. Keep up the good work!