Let's Make Robots!

Charming Robot Shirts, cases, & other products

Dave has been making robots in a different medium than is typical here.  I probably can't keep up with the tech discussion, but if you're at all interested in a fun and light hearted robot t-shirt or case for your iphone, check out my Zazzle store.  These are the robots of your childhood!


Would love some feedback if you look!

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Thanks for going and checking them out!  I definitely hear everyone on the pricing.  I feel much the same way about investing my dollars in art supplies!  It's the pro/con balance with putting designs up on Zazzle.  It allows me to do art without having to invest in making t-shirts or other products myself, but I also don't have much control on the pricing.  Zazzle does have pretty regular sales though.  They'll e-mail sale notices or new product updates if you register/like a store.  And, we try to post updates on the Facebook page.

I really do appreciate the look and the feedback!!  Very cool.  Thanks again!

I basically had the same response as OddBot and targetdg15. The artwork is very cool, but I don't see myself spending money on it right now. Those precious dollars could go towards robot parts.

Man, I feel cheap. ; j

Some of them have a very retro/ cartooon look that goes well together. Im not really into buying expensive things just cause they look cool (My wife says I only buy "efficiently" lol) But the artwork itself is awesome and I would for sure like to see more!

Nice art work but scary price. Think I will stick to drawing my own.