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Attaching servo prevents motors from spinning?

Hi there,

I've basically finished with my project to get my Rover 5 to move around autonomously using the parallax ping))) sensor mounted onto a servo, however, in my first test I noticed that one of the four motors on my Rover 5 wasn't working!!! 

After many hours trying to troubleshoot this problem I determined that it was somewhere in my code. Finally after a few more hours by breaking it down I figured out that it was actually one line of code. By writing "Servo.attach()", one of my motors would stop working! I though this was weird and tried changing around my motor inputs to different digital I/O ports however, this worsened the problem and now two of my motors are not spinning! I've made sure that if haven't doubled up any thing accidentally and I just can't see any correlation between attaching my servo and running the motor, both of which are connected to separate I/O ports. 

Can anyone see anything wrong with my code that I’m somehow overlooking?  


#include <Servo.h>

Servo SonarServo;

const int pingPin = 2;

const int SafeDist = 12;              //cm

int ServoAngle1[] = {

  1200,1500,1750,1500,1200};          //define angles in microseconds for object avoidance sweep

int ServoAngle2[] = {

  0,45,90,135,180,135,90,45,0};       //define angles for distance sweep 

int MyArray1[9] = {

  0};                                 //distance values saved into array

int mspeed;

int i;

int q;

#define DIR1 12 // motor 1

#define PwM1 11

#define DIR2 13 // motor 2  does not spin when servo is attached 

#define PwM2 10

#define DIR3 7 // motor 3  also does not spin when servo is attached 

#define PwM3 9

#define DIR4 6 // motor 4

#define PwM4 5


long duration, inches, cm, m;


void setup()



  pinMode( DIR1, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( PwM1, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( DIR2, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( PwM2, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( DIR3, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( PwM3, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( DIR4, OUTPUT);

  pinMode( PwM4, OUTPUT);       //set all pins attatched to motor driver to output

  mspeed = 100;                 //motor speed

  SonarServo.attach(3);         //HERE IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------



void loop(){                        //sends rover5 forward whilst performaing object avoidance sweep 

    Serial.print("motor forward");



  for(int x = 0; x < 4; x++){                          

    SonarServo.writeMicroseconds(ServoAngle1[x]);    // write servo in microseconds through angles in array


    // Serial.print(" Degrees-");

    delay(500);                                      //allow servo to reach position

    SonarScan();                                     //scan for objects


    // Serial.print("cm   ");

    delay(300);                                      //wait a bit more

    if (cm < SafeDist && cm > 0){                    //min sensor range is 3cm however a bad reading of 0cm is sometimes recorded 



      DistanceSweep();                              //scan and determine best direction to travel next




void DistanceSweep(){


  for(int a = 0; a < 8; a++){             

    SonarServo.write(ServoAngle2[a]);     //Write servo through values saved in array

    delay(500);                           //give servo enough time to reach position

    SonarScan();                          //scan for distance measurements

    delay(400);                           //wait long enough for sound to return before moving to next position

    MyArray1[a] = cm;                     //save reading to array


  q = getIndexOfMaximumValue(MyArray1, 9);

  Serial.print("max distance is at index --");


  Serial.print(" with value of - ");


  Serial.println(" ");


  if (q == 0){                          //the following determines how far left or right the rover5 must turn depending on the maximum index value

    right();                            //I havn't tested this properly yet to see if it's accurate or works correctly 



  else if (q== 1){




  else if (q == 2){



  else if (q== 3){




  else if (q==4){




  else if (q == 5){




  else if (q== 6){




  else if (q == 7){



  else if (q== 8){





void SonarScan()


  pinMode(pingPin, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(pingPin, LOW);


  digitalWrite(pingPin, HIGH);


  digitalWrite(pingPin, LOW);

  pinMode(pingPin, INPUT);

  duration = pulseIn(pingPin, HIGH);

  cm = microsecondsToCentimeters(duration);


long microsecondsToCentimeters(long microseconds)


  return microseconds / 29 / 2;


int getIndexOfMaximumValue(int* array, int size){              //determines the maximum value of an array and its index value 

  int maxIndex = 0;

  int max = array[maxIndex];

  for (int i=1; i<size; i++){

    if (max<array[i]){

      max = array[i];

      maxIndex = i;



  return maxIndex;

void forward(){

  digitalWrite(DIR1, HIGH);        //back left 

  analogWrite(PwM1, mspeed);          //back left

  digitalWrite(DIR3, HIGH);        //front left

  analogWrite(PwM3, mspeed);          //front left

  digitalWrite(DIR2, LOW);      //BR

  analogWrite(PwM2, mspeed);         //BR

  digitalWrite(DIR4, HIGH);

  analogWrite(PwM4, mspeed);


void back(){

  digitalWrite(DIR1, LOW);       //BL

  analogWrite(PwM1, mspeed);        //BL

  digitalWrite(DIR3, LOW);       //FL

  analogWrite(PwM3, mspeed);        //FL

  digitalWrite(DIR2, HIGH);      //BR

  analogWrite(PwM2,mspeed);        //BR

  digitalWrite(DIR4, LOW);

  analogWrite(PwM4, mspeed);


void left(){

  digitalWrite(DIR1, HIGH);      //BL

  analogWrite(PwM1, 100);        //BL

  digitalWrite(DIR3, HIGH);      //FL

  analogWrite(PwM3, 100);        //FL

  digitalWrite(DIR2, HIGH);     //BR

  analogWrite(PwM2,100);        //BR

  digitalWrite(DIR4, LOW);      //FR    For some reason the wires for this motor came reversed 

  analogWrite(PwM4, 100);       //FR


void right(){

  digitalWrite(DIR1, LOW);       //BL

  analogWrite(PwM1, 100);        //BL

  digitalWrite(DIR3, LOW);       //FL

  analogWrite(PwM3, 100);        //FL

  digitalWrite(DIR2, LOW);       //BR

  analogWrite(PwM2,100);         //BR

  digitalWrite(DIR4, HIGH);      //FR   For some reason the wires for this motor came reversed 

  analogWrite(PwM4, 100);        //FR


void Stop(){

  analogWrite(PwM1, 0);        

  analogWrite(PwM3, 0);      


  analogWrite(PwM4, 0);




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I think your right! every time it has happened it was around those few pins. Thanks GeneralGeek!

No problem, happy to help :)

Here it says that using the Servo library will disable analogWrite() on pins 9 and 10. Is that your problem? http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Servo