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Wheel leg robot

Old school concept but very interesting improvement. I am surprised by these small design on wheels and gears.

The machine itself seems pretty heavy but those motors or servos handle it with no problem.

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cool .... but i think the stair climbing has to be the best part ....

That is cool. I thought six wheels might be better but then not sure how it would cope with the stair climbing. I suppose you could also use aluminium parts, if not already, to reduce the weight.

COOL!!!!!!! :)

That is fantastic.  I love the dance stepping.  :p

Nice concept, but for crossing rough terrain it doesn't seem all that good. for off road, a tracked or rock-crawler type vehicle would probably be better. Then again, that would have troubble with the stair climbing and bar crossing, etc

PS: In the first part of the video, Is it me or is one of the front wheels wonky?