Let's Make Robots!

Why Fritz is awesome....

Several reasons. He runs a great site, has fantastic information, guidance and feedback and he's incredibly polite and friendly to all. Thank you for LMR, Fritz. I've Google-lurked for years and just recently joined. This is the most active, helpful and most panoptic robot builders site I've found so far. Keep up e great work. Sorry for the sycophancy.

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Hmmm.....why is Frits awesome......lemme think.....AH I know why!


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Guys!! At work they where looking for a picture of me.. And guess what was on the monitor that 5 guys where standing around, laughing out loud.. ! :D

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you gotta have fun with your coworkers, or else the job isn't worth doing

now use this motivation to tease them back!


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yeah, SuperFrits!

You deserve it! Cheers!

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@IG: Frits with "s" not with "z" :-)

I agree with the starters comment but also have to agree with Fritsl's statement. A website without the people are nothing. Only if the people sign up and coming again and again then the website serve it's purpose...inform people, bring them together and most of all build up a community with the result of even making friends in real life.  

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Opps. I can't believe I mis-spelled Frits' name! 

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Thanks to this site I have a cool job and family in China.
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Ha - It's true, I know, and it's awesome.

And its' also funny - like taken out of context, imagine if we where using it as a testimonial, people would think it's bull :D Funny :)

"Thanks to this site I have a cool job and family in China."


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And the Geek shall inherit the earth...


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Ha. I like that.