Let's Make Robots!

Why Fritz is awesome....

Several reasons. He runs a great site, has fantastic information, guidance and feedback and he's incredibly polite and friendly to all. Thank you for LMR, Fritz. I've Google-lurked for years and just recently joined. This is the most active, helpful and most panoptic robot builders site I've found so far. Keep up e great work. Sorry for the sycophancy.

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Cool! Just checking in to see what was going on, and I am on the headline, thanks guys :)

You know what - as much as I appreciate what you write, I have to correct a few mistakes here.

First, the name is Frits / fritsl / Frits Lyneborg.. with an S, not Z :)

But more important; Dan (TheCowGod) has been hosting LMR for several years. Hugo_NL is working on version 4. Rik is working with the money. Del Rudolph made version 3. ignoblegnome is running .. nah - you know what - There are no one but us here, so why am I even mentioning any one? We are the bunch!

I totally agree; This is absolutely awesome. And I am proud to have started it. But this is our shit. It belongs to us, the LMR is there because we are here. And you should be proud for participating, cause we kick ass!

We are the nerds who rule!


Yes. Thank all of you makers to give us this platform to experience, learn, teach and share our passion for nerdum. LMR's vibes are strong biased by your personality Frits. You set the mood. The positive involving mood. And you go on together with the experienced LMRs to inspire all of us. Thank you! And thanks to Dan, Hugo, Rik, Del Rudolph and ignoblegnome for your efforts too!


Where's the 'Like' button. Oh, right. On Facebook, where it belongs. 

You are not the only one to feel that way, Maxhirez. 

Keep up the great work, Fritz! ALABTU!

(I'm still searching for facebook's UNlike button.)