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LHR SHR question

Today all the stuff I need to make a LMR SHR arrived today. I have been reading all I can about the build and have yet to see anyone use Velcro as the fastening device for the motors and servo. All I have seen is double sided tape. Is there a reason or am I missing something?

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I think double sided tape is mainly used because its cheap. That and the fact it is easy to remove and reposition whereas the adhesive on velcro is ussually pretty damned strong.

just my £0.012 (2 cents)
Tom J

I use velcro, but only in certain instances. I will built my original design with tape (cause it comes right off) but once I know it all works, Ill cover allthe parts in velcro to "move around" pieces. Its amazing how differnt a build can look if you just move things around (i.e. put the servo somewhere else, connect the motors etc.) in short, tape for prototyping, velcro for fun :)

The biggest point with the SH bot is to make a robot out of "nothing" - really it does not matter if you use chewing gum, just that you learn to make a microcontroller read a signal, copute it, and control motors and servos.

When done, you can make any robot, and use any other system / parts that you see fit - you can build robots :)

Thanks for the input. I'm working tonight but really excited for tomorrow when I start the build. Thanks again Frits for giving the inspiration and place to find it.

here at LMR we follow a simple filosophy: 'if it works it works'.