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first robot

ok so I purchased at build your own robot kit from Jaxx's shop. Put it together installed the software and programmed the robot and nothing. I did have some smells intially when first charged it up but think i corrected that. I can make the motors move with direct power but can not from the board. the servo will go to centre position when moved off but will not do anything else. Any suggestions would be great



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Just to be clear once a progam has been accepted there is no other start sequence needed and the Picaxe cable does not have to be removed. If it says download complete, then it was successful? 

The program will begin executing immediately after the download is complete; nothing needs to be done or disconnected.

I'm bummed to see you seem to still be having problems. How are things progressing?

ok so I am not getting any reading on the pins that should be connected

I have tried both a an b motor pins and also the servo pins and also the ir pins not sure what that means

If by no readings you mean the display on you meter doesn't change then you have bad connections somewhere. That or your technique with the meter is not quite right.  I say that since the IR sensor is returning a signal but you say you get nothing from the meter. Perhaps a view of a multimeter and/or soldering tutorial video on youtube can help you get the most out of both.



does the setting matter?

I appologize for all the questions!

No, setting shouldn't matter. As birdmun describes, if you have even an ohm of resistance you have a problem somewhere.

too many ideas, lets get somewhere first.

its that exactly

Hmm, well it's got a diode tester but maybe it's not buzzer equipped. Just test your connections as birdmun described.

ya its new picked it up from rado shack (the source) today