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My Homemade Microscope!

it is just a microscope...ya know!


Here it is! my home-made microscope! it took me at least 30 minutes or less to make this entire thing, it has a macgyver-esque design because it is all made entirely out of scrap parts,

parts included are:

-a lens from an old broken computer camera

-an LED

-battery pack from an old tv remote


-some wires

that's all and it works like an ace!

watch the video to see it in action!!

-cheers! - ⁰ℨ

P.S. Guess what the words are!


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Hey metal, what is the wavelength of light used from the led? Any idea? A nice and simple project that you have made. Well done. Congrats.

i didn't actually measured the wavelength of the light, an act of simplicity. i've just stick 'em all together and there you go! a nice little microscope!

nice work MetalmonkeeLad, that's fantastic!

wow, that's impressive. I suggest you grow some paramecia and watch them moving around. 

To grow them is very easy. Find a hay stack, grab a hand full of hay and put it in a jar with water (tab water would be ok) Then keep it warm and dark for a couple of days....2-3 days are enough. After that you can take some of the water and there they are...moving around in the water...


With a bit luck you also can find some ameba in that water, just look for shape shifters (no, i do not mean Constable Odo) ;-)

Make sure you take a video of it :-)

thanks! yeah! that's awesome! i'll make it, and maybe i'll record it. i hope i can see them moving around! :D

Wow, I love that MacGyver look! Impressive!

hahaha, thanks :D

watching Mycelium thrue a microscope you can see it move

nice project

hahaha, i'll try to find one, well i hope i can see it thru this bulky thing

actually you need 400x magnification to see individual spores.