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Wooden Eiffel tower.

Just stand there

Several years ago, I think it was in the summer 2007, I built this 4.5 meter tall Eiffel tower out of icecream stick and hot glue. I have lost the digital image files, but some days ago i found these 6 prints in my daughter's photo album. And before I loose the prints too I think I want to show you the thing.

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wow thats huge

It's amazing what you can do with a bag of popsicle sticks and a hot glue gun. :) This is pretty kewl! Is it still standing?

Nah, it died in a few weeks after being finished. It were built a really rainy summer, and the shifting sun and rain on the unpainted sticks made them suck really much water, and then the glue slips. And then it were hit by a mild storm, crack!

It were built at my family's summer house, where we met every summer. I had left for that year and my cousins were more interested in ocean swimming than repairing my tower, so.. it ended in the fireplace when I came there next year.