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Instructables Arduino Challenge

Found this on the instructables website...again for US citizens only :-( but I wish you good luck guys.


There are many projects on LMR which could win the prize....so please make it so ;-)

Win for us and grab the 1st prize...

@ALL: Please vote for our guys ;-)

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 Why only Yankes allowed to compete?!

 Thats practically racist!!

This challenge was over more than a year before you joined this website, and LMR has no affiliation with instructables.

Hey guys, tomorrow is the last day to vote at the www.instructables.com Arduino contest.

I voted for all of you that submitted your projects to the instrutables challenge, GOOD LUCK and let's bring it to LMR.

Hi guy's, Instructables accepted my modular 3D frame printed Bluetooth controlled biped I call "MegaPed":  http://www.instructables.com/id/MegaPed/ 

I just was looking over the rules to see if I could vote for me and Turtleduino and Ar-du and anyone else who submits stuff from the site.  I didn't find the answer, but I did find this:

Judging. 1.Entries will be judged on the basis of the following criteria (the "Criteria"): Creativity, Documentation, Photography, and Overall Quality. While registered voters of the Site may vote for their favorite eligible entry, such voting will not be factored in as part of the Criteria for judging the Contest

In the words of #9 in Into the Wild Green Yonder, "POOPERDOODLE!".   But thanks to those who have voted for me.  On the other hand, one of my projects made the front page and got me a free premium membership for the year, so maybe I have a better chance than I thought.

(The raffle/auction to benefit LMR for the Kindle still stands.  I'll keep the Ard and shields though, and if I win the Canon, that just means I'll be making better videos of my projects!)

TurtleDuino it's been accepted in the instructables.com Arduino contest. Don't forget to vote for the little guy.


Thanks Lumi! This got me off my arse and into gear. A thrown together project of mine made the front page thanks to your urging LMR members to take the challenge. I now have two instructables in the challenge, but neither are robots: that one is yet to come, but I guarantee if I make it work it will be a game changer. Imagine if your beam walker mated with an ardweeny...

Voted for both your contest entries.