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Instructables Arduino Challenge

Found this on the instructables website...again for US citizens only :-( but I wish you good luck guys.


There are many projects on LMR which could win the prize....so please make it so ;-)

Win for us and grab the 1st prize...

@ALL: Please vote for our guys ;-)

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If I win the Kindle, I'll give it away! ;-)

Well, that's very kind. May I suggest that you start an auction, in case of being the winner, and donate the money to LMR ;-)

Not a bad idea.  Or perhaps it could be a raffle prize for LMR.  What are the international legal implications of a raffle, I wonder...?

That's a nice sentiment, maxhirez, and a good idea by lumi. No one would blame you if you decide to keep the Kindle, give it to a friend or loved one as a gift, etc. But, if you are serious about making it a benefit for LMR in some way, here are some thoughts.

If you just sell the Kindle via the auction house of your choice and donate the money to LMR, that's simple enough.

If you want to use the Kindle as some sort of prize or raffle, you'll have to deal with getting it shipped to someone, which may be a drag. However, if you do want to do something like that, reach out to NilsB. He's managing donations to LMR, and can coordinate with you. 

haha, i have no idea :-D

Duh... Forgot the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Proximity-Fixed-point-Vehicle-Proximity-De/ (Also, just for you Oddbot, I included metric and imperial measurement techniques even though it's pretty clearly a U.S. oriented site.)

This is way out of my league..er..country. Well, best of luck to all LMRians who participate! :)

Prizes look Very good - best i have seen in a long time.......however UK citizens are included but not Quebec (me thinks country needs to have at least one RadioShack shop)

Good luck to those who enter .....

Radio Shack isn't all that.  They USED to have a collection of parts and kits and such.  Now--Not so much.  Oh they're making a play to get back into their hobbyist roots by stocking Arduinos and such.  But imho, too little too late.  To get to the Arduinos you have to walk past a bunch of cell phone displays.

This is coming from a guy who's first real kit was a Radio Shack multimeter.

No Swiss Arduino robot accepted. I skip this challenge.