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Cloud Robotics Hackathon

Cloud Robotics Hackathon


The first official Cloud Robotics Hackathon, being held on March 2nd to March 4th 2012 at multiple locations in North America, aims to catalyze the creative process and bring roboticists, programmers, and hackers to produce collaborative social robotic applications between machines through cloud-computing. By encouraging makers and hackers to embrace the technologies of the future we ensure that today’s creative minds will be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.


As a central hub for potential participants, we are calling upon you to help spread the word of this first-of-its-kind event. We encourage you to contact (either on mass or individually) all potential participants. Note that there are no fees, and teams receive a free DFRobotShop Rover. You will be pleased to know that the Cloud Robotics Hackathon encourages participants to use a mix of Android, ROS and Arduino in order to create robotic applications; the very same technologies Google uses in their cloud-robotics endeavors.


As a potential sponsor, you are in a position to get in on a potentially large event from the ground up, which promises a significant return on investment.
We are currently seeking financial support as well as in-kind contributions. All sponsors will receive the following:

- Corporate logo with link displayed on the roboticshackathon website

- Logo displayed as part of the welcome presentation, presented to participants in all cities

- Logo displayed in the central meeting area at the Montreal (main) venue
- Credit for being officially behind the pioneering robotics hackathon
- Potential media coverage during and after the event
- The programs developed by the participants have the potential to become commercial products and lead to start-up companies.

Please, let us know how you would like to contribute to this initiative and how we can help you get the visibility and recognition you deserve in exchange. See the
sponsor’s page for a full list of benefits.


Cloud Robotics Hackathon Staff
Contact us: info@roboticshackathon.com
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