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Need help on making a 4 bar robot stair climber

ok so in our machine design class we have been assigned to make a stair climber robot using linkages

The following restrictions to the project

-no wheels can be used to climb the stairs

-must be an autonomous robot

-must use linkages

So far i was thinking of using a simple 4 bar linkage by hooking up servo motors at every pin joint

the difficulity is that i dont have any experience with any of these electronics and its due in 4 weeks, never worked with servos or circuit boards, dont like electronics

so far i want use 4 servo motors, 2 picaxe 28 project boards(since 1 board can only control 2 servo motors??), and an infrared sensor

problem is i dont know how the motors will sychronize to move the 4 bar the way i want it to move, is it even possible to move it in this way with just using servo motors, a picaxe project board, and infrared sensors?


thanks for all the help

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lol "dont like electronics" as you type on your electronic computer talking about a class your willing attending that covers electronics. Might be time to re-think your major. 

Either way, 4bar's only have one degree of freedom so you only ever need one motor to move them. Putting a motor on every joint doesn't make any sense...it's like putting motors on the joints of a truss on a bridge. 

What you've drawn in your picture is not a 4 bar since it isn't a closed linkage. 

Let's cut to the chase here. 4 weeks is pushing it in terms of:

  • Designing the whole darn thing
  • Fabricating the chassis, pivots, links, tracks, whatever
  • Learning how to solder
  • Wiring the whole thing
  • Learning all the things you will need to know for the electronics 
  • Learning a whole programming language from scratch
  • Learning how to code 
  • Learning how to code this particular robot
  • Learning how to figure out why your code is not working
  • With code, chassis and motors running you start trying to climb stairs
  • Possible redesign from that point.

Now, am I to believe that your professor assigned this project to you all with a 4 week timeframe? Is everyone in the class building one of these? Does anyone else have any experience with robots, programming, electronics, etc? You say you don't like electronics --is this project required? If you don't like electronics, I think this whole project might suck a bit for you. Who is paying for these materials? Are they provided by the school? What was the EXACT assignment? 4 weeks, really? Really?