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Self Navigating Robot

Navigate via ultrasound
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Here's my first robot that I’ve been working on lately.

At the moment it navigates via the Ping))) ultrasonic sensor. When it detects an object in front of it, it scans left and right and determines which direction is greater, then turns and travels in that direction (timing still rough).

The main purpose of this robot was to learn more about programming and electronics in general. I'm studying renewable energy engineering at uni, but a recent course project involving building a robot and using an Arduino got me really interested in robotics! If all goes well, i'd like to use it to perform particular tasks, like going underneath the house to set rat traps, moving objects from one room to another or even finding the best place throughout the day to position a solar panel in my yard!. I love building things and challenging myself, so it's been a great project for keeping myself busy during the uni break! 

Things that still need to be added:


  •  I was originally using two Xbee's to debug the distance sweep process. Unfortunately for some reason, one of them is no longer working so I'm waiting on a replacement. I also wish to implement an override function so i can control it with my laptop or my other Arduino 
  • I'm also going to add some various IR Led's to cover any potential "blind" spots on the rover's chassis. I'd also like to implement an IR beacon system to get the robot to seek out IR light or return to a base.
  • Another thing I'd like to add is a GPS module (if time and funds permit) that could provide a boundary for my robot such that it does not exceed a particular area or i could use it to return to robot to a base (instead of using an IR beacon). 
  • Finally, I’d also like to utilise the current sensors and rotary encoders on the motor controller to get more feedback from my robot and ultimately get it moving around autonomously without a hitch! 

Hope you guys like it!

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Those Rover 5 chassis look so cool. 

As you get into the programming aspect more and more, please make sure you post your code so we can all learn from it.  I have started a series of blogs about programming my particular robot to make it more autonomous as well.

Good luck!


Thanks ignoblegnome, I'd have to say it's one of the best tracked chassis on the market going by how many people on LMR are using it!

Maus, I'll put up the code now! It's probably pretty rudimentary as programming isn't my forte. I'll also have a look at your blogs too.

Your bot looks great.

I read that you used a xbee for remote debugging. Would you mind sharing the way you connected it ? Did you use an XBee shield of some sort ?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.