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IRIS System - update 3

 Just a quick update on the ststus of IRIS. I got the wii nunchuck to work with my prop. fairly quickly using a connector from adifruit. I still can't seem to work out the prop. to picaxe serial, though. But the real news is, I've decided to put the code up on github so anyone can help to improve it and reuse the code. Here's the link: https://github.com/ANTlabs/IRIS-System

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Duane Degn's picture

Do you have your code up on Github yet?  The two files I found where both empty.

I hope you feel welcome to ask questions about the Propeller in the Propeller Forum.

I personally thing the Prop is a great match for controlling robots.

An-Tech's picture

 Currently, I'm just testing out the parts I have with the prop. and making / using premade objects for them. The actuall coding will hopefully start soon :)