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Simple Treaded Rrobot

radio controled robot with arm
MotorDriverL293Dnet.pdf291.86 KB
Power_supply_AVR_projectsnet.pdf174.45 KB
Tank.c13.73 KB
1173-datasheet.pdf719.13 KB

My first robot MPU AtMega169(Butterfly dev kit) every information is attached in the uploaded files including source code 6 servos, 2 DC moters, radio modem(RS-232) and so on.

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I think there are more and more people who are trying to figure out how to build a robot so it is really amazing of you to offer this video. It looks great and thank you for sharing.

Your encouraging words are really motivating, Thanks for comenting. I was long time thinking - to post this robot or not.

The arm looks good on this tracked bot. Interesting change from other tracked bots both for the arm and the tracks. I love the end of the video. It so does start with blinking leds. And a lot of beginners need to be reminded of this.