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a robot with 4 legs ...



My name is Michael, living in italy and i want to make a 4 legged robot with wheels that can walk and "drive" but have no idea on what components i would need ( exept the motors battery and wheels :D ).

Found a good online shop Futura Elettronica that has components for robots and other electronic.

The design for the robot is something like a Tachikoma from the "Ghost in the shell" anime.


Things i would like it to have:

     wi-fi (to controll it from my psp 3000)

     webcam (signal through wi-fi)

     to be able to tilt the camera

     sensors to detect when it is getting to close to an object


  That's about it! Thank you.

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First I started with blinking the LED, setting up 5 LED's, setting up 5 push buttons for the LED's, using the tamiya twin-motor gear with drivers chip, and now I made my first "robot" with controller. And I did not know anything about C language and this stuff. I knew PHP, little bit C# and when you know one language, the other is easier to learn.

Just wanted to share...... :)

the main thing i dont know is what board to buy and chips ... a board that i can connect a lot of motors, servos etc. i am compleatly new in this subject...

but, this project is not what I would call a beginner project. It is more of a goal to reach for after having done some of the earlier things, like blinking a LED and moving a servo or even a motor. There is more than one way to accomplish what you want, but, none of them are as simple as plug n play, at least not for a hobbyist price. Pick a microcontroller and learn how it works. Once you learn the basics you can say, "I want to be able to pan and tilt a camera. How do I do that?" And then read to see if you can find examples, there are examples all around by the way.

Baby steps. Heck maybe even baby mice steps, not, Jolly Green Giant baby steps. :)


You would need to add hip servos to get it to walk. Given the mass, you would probably need some stout servos to get it to walk.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1xwF6y8MOs, this is what I was thinking of. Watching the vid you can see the bot is pretty large and I am guessing expensive. A router with usb input would be nice. I would thing you would be helped by using a uC for the actual sensing and movement, using the router to tell the uC what to do and letting the uC tell the router when something has happened.