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My wheels do not move.

I'm trying to make http://letsmakerobots.com/start

My wheels do not move when I program it. This is the code I use: http://pastebin.com/eZCYiBuv

I'm pretty sure that the pins are soldered correctly to the board. I already re-soldered them 3 times and they look just like they do in the pictures that are in the instructions.

My motor contact fell off, so I followed the instructions on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/9337 . I'm sure they are connected right because when I put a battery pack to them, they move. So the motors do work and aren't fried. 

I'm sure that I connected the pins to the board right. I put both of the pins of the wheel on A, and the other pins of the wheel on B, just like the instructions. 

I'm also sure that I put the chips to the board correctly.

Everything else work EXCEPT the wheels. The servo moves when I type in:

servo 0, 75

wait 2


Anyone have any ideas to why my wheels do not move? Both of them do not move.

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Via the shoutbox it was determined that the four header pins that connect to the motor were all connected together with one big ball of solder. After resoldering each pin to its own pad the motors worked as expected.

A story of success and a testament to the sturdiness of the L293D.

They have this little semi circle that lines up with the connector on the board.  This should be the first thing you should check.

You see how that little indent on the right on all the chips is facing the right.  Also did you swap out the chips? The one that came in that spot orginally is for sounds.  You need to swap it to the L293D for driving the motors.

991WE VW
MYS 99 022

This is the chip that is supposed to be removed, right?

Yes, they are the same way and I did replace the chips

If you take the two leads from the motor and plug one into V and one into G while the robot is on does it spin?




high 4

low 5

high 6

low 7

goto main

No, it still doesn't work.