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Zombie bot project

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Humanoids are rare on LMR. Your's is very realistic... And scary without a cover.. I mean artificial flesh. Well done.

Now the Zombie bot is remote controlled. I'm looking forward to see how you make the transition to autonomous behavior.

You could record remote controlled moves and play each move as a reaction to events in the real world.

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Thanks! I'll be adding a skin to it when everything is finished.Right now it's slow going because I really only have the weekends to work on it.

I'm actually hoping to do exactly what you mentioned, NilsB, but right now I'm focusing on the body and getting it to drag itself along the floor. With any luck, I will have a new video up friday or saturday night.

Thanks everyone for the kind words.I really have learned a lot from this site and all of your posts :)

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kudos to you for being a very good animatronic artist! specially the the "Twitch of the Death Nerve" robot, very scary!
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hell, that is scary :-) hope to see more!

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I like it!

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Also, you'll notice in the photo how there are two servos in the neck.This has changed.The head is just way too heavy for them and will end up stripping the gears.That's what I get for thinking 15 dollar servos will do the trick :P