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Which power supply setup do you prefer?

So I want to buy some AA's and power up my Tamiya twin motor gearbox.

I would go for B, because A will discharge uneven. But B will discharge equal. The only problem is, that ONE DC motor uses max 3V. So when only ONE is active, it will take a punch of 7,2V instead of max 3V


So which of these do you prefer? A or B?


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Both methods are impractical and that many NiMH batteries will weigh a ton. If you need 7-8V @ 5000mAh then buy a 7.2V NiMH battery pack made from 6x sub "C" NiMh cells. It will be smaller, lighter and as the cells are spot welded together you wont have a heap of bad connections limiting current.

Better still, if you need that kind of power then go for a LiPo with a suitable charger. It will cost a bit more but the battery will be about half the weight. The reduced weight will increase your battery life.

As far as the Tamiya gearbox motors only wanting 3V max. There are two solutions.

  1. replace the motors with 6V equivalents.
  2. use PWM to limit the maximum power, don't exceed 20-25% duty cycle.