Let's Make Robots!


drives around guided by IRremote

My first robot! Built from an Arduino UNO, some Lego I had lying around, and a couple of 9g servos... The IR and remote have been scavenged from a remote controlled light bulb, which is why it has so many nice colors. I'm still fumbling around with the code - I might need some help with that at some point. That's it for now, as I mainly made this to just see if I could. I'll probably take it apart again soon and reuse the parts for something more interesting I guess.

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I love the use of Lego, and the solderless breadboard as main chassis body.

Thats awesome, I do that all the time this is mine 

Thanks! The main thing about the Lego is really that it's versatile and convenient, and lets face it who hasn't played with Lego as a kid!??

111swords: Nice use of the Lego yourself! But what is it driving and running that thing? 

Being able to make robots out of tiny lego parts takes tremendous skill, precision and practice. To some only a hobby, to others a fun past time, at LEGO camp it's also a community for young families. Where else would children learn skills ranging from teamwork, to project management and engineering?