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Miniature Balancing Autonomous Robot

Balance on two wheels and navigate autonomously around the room
balancing_robot_code_040712.zip38.31 KB

One of my dreams has been to make a kit of a miniature balancing robot. I've been working on this some time now, coming up with a way to make a reasonable number of them (5).

Here is more info on it, in a prezi: http://prezi.com/kpxcxt4rfckx/miniature-balancing-robot-kit/

Here is the user manual (v4):  google docs

I attached the source code (in C, for freescale HCS08 QE128 8 bit processor).

Here is another video showing a second in action -  one built by a buddy who provided some feedback about the assembly process.  He as customized it giving it a somewhat steampunk look..    two balancing robots

What do you think? Would anyone want one?

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Is there a button which says -"like this robot"???

Very impressive! I hope I can do something similar one day.

ha ha, almost like they were trying to run into each other...


Wonderful robot! While the mechanics and electronics are extremely simple, I am intrigued by the code. I see your block schematic and I am trying to figure out how some software blocks might work. I've seen balancing robots that work, I've had some attempts, but not so advanced like yours. In the Prezi presentation you say the code is open source, can we take a look at it?


I attached the C code for the robot.  It uses 16 bit fixed point math for the trig functions, PID loops, etc.  That precision seems to provide the right balance of precision and processing speed.  Main loop is executed 64 times/sec, and uses 75% of the available processing time, with the processor running at 40Mhz.

As far as other good examples, I think the following is a good example of code and explanation for how it works.  I wish I had found this before I started my version since it would have saved me some time... HTWay 

Thank you! I will study it to see how can I improve my code. I also read the HTWay page, nice explanation, many thanks!

Wow, I think this looks awesome!!!

I just wish you had not put all your information on PREZI. I think PREZI is terrible.


I thought Prezi might be a good way to capture the photos and summarize the effort.  It's my first time using it, but I agree the jury is still out on how well it works for this purpose...

I posted some more info on this site.  An assembly manual and a video of a completed second robot, identical to the first, except with a cool black paint job.

This is a great little robot but Prezzi did not even let me watch the video in full screen mode or go to youtube so I could. In the end I did manage to get a copyof the video which will be one of many I will show people at the ShenZhen Makers Faire.

I hope you do well selling the kits.