Let's Make Robots!

Polymorph frame for a base plate


  • polmorph (of course)
  • 4 ice cream sticks
  • 1 long  and 1 short mechano panel
  • some flat plastic


  • needle nose pliers
  • glue gun (w/ glue sticks)

Step 1:
Cut your sticks to a desired length. Note! The sticks are ~2mm (~0.078in) wide, so when you are cutting,
you should add those 2mm (~0.078in), so you 'll have the right length of the square.


Step 2:
Bend the mechano parts in to a L 90° shape.


Step 3:
 Glue one L shaped mechano part with one stick. Doing this four times, you should glue all of them
in the same 


Step 4:
Place the glued L-s together to form a square, and then glue them together on a plastic platform. 


That's all. 
P.S. This is my first blog post.


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Yeah, I also would like to see the result...I mean putting the Polymorph on that frame is imaginable but how exactly will this make the process more easy than putting the Polymorph in a plastic box of the right size?

You can make this frame by your diseird mesurs, the plastic box, you would put the polymorph in probably has it's own dimenstions, and I needed to be exact. I couldn't find a box with the right dimenstions, so I built this frame.

I still don't get it ;-)

Do you just make a base plate with this frame or an actual "frame" such as a copy of your wooden one?


You put polymorph in, it gets hard, you take the polmorph out of the frame and you get a plastic part for your robot.
Not a perfect part:


Not perfect, but not a bad start.  Looks like you didn't get your beads hot enough.  You can still see their shape around the edges.  Oddbot has a tutorial somewhere on the site where he makes a flat panels and bracketsl out of polymorph.  There are also links to some other polymorph tip sites.


Also, I've seen some "liquid" polymorph that flows better when it's heated, so it fill molds better.  I've never used it tho.

Now i got it. I was irritated by the blog title. I always thought you build a frame but this is a base plate, chassies or whatever you wanna call it....but NO frame ;-) Thanks for the picture.

Can you explain how you put the polymorph evenly into the frame , if possible could you post a video of the process.


It's very simple. You put in  the frame as much as polmorph as you can, than with another stick scrape of the excess polmorph.Or use another piece of flat plastic, and press it against the polymorph.
I hope it helps.